Corporate party entertainment in the City of London

Carm'n'getcha larvely party entertainment hire 'ere! Whether you've been entertaining ideas of booking private, corporate, wedding, drinks & dinner party entertainment, cocktail, toga (!), boat, tea, surprise, house party, birthday, anniversary, staff summer party, office party, outdoor/garden party, themed, fancy dress, or any sort of big or small party entertainment hire fun imaginable, I can help!

Party entertainment in Brighton, east Sussex

"What you see through your glasses isn't reality dude."
Written anonymously in my sketchbook while I was away

North London Party Entertainment

People quite naturally think all caricaturists sell sketches to tourists on the street (and nothing wrong with that), but when they discover that a caricaturist can be hired as a 'professional' party entertainer, they're intrigued, thrilled, and get a free keepsake as well as a giggle.

"A party without cake is just a meeting"
Mr Sketchum

Large parties allow me to circulate, generating a collective buzz. Small party entertainment is a treat for me as I'm amongst "nearest & dearest" - fast friends and colleagues who get on famously anyway, but when they see live caricatures of each other they flip their wigs, and the warm social interaction the sketches encourage becomes something really quite special.


Party entertainment hire has been hit hard - but I can still sketch. What I do is well-suited to socially-distanced settings - as small party entertainment ideas in London go, to hire a caricaturist is a big & bright one! Please see my Covid updates here

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"The office Christmas party is a fantastic opportunity to catch up with people you haven't seen in twenty minutes."
Mrs B, Essex