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Private garden party entertainment
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Carm'n'hire yer London party entertainment 'ere! The fun dun't begin till Mr Sketchum steps in! Looking to host an unforgettable event? Whether it’s private or corporate, lunch or dinner party entertainment, staff office party, house party, Thames cruise, cocktail party, winter ball, surprise, welcome, leaving, themed, wedding, anniversary or birthday party entertainment hire, day or evening, in London or waaay beyond, Mr Sketchum's got you covered!

Barnes Beard
Private Birthday Party Entertainment Hire in Hertfordshire

Grand galas are my playground, where the collective buzz hums like a thousand bees. But oh, the intimate soirées - those are the real treats! Picture it: fast friends, colleagues who click like puzzle pieces, and the air thick with camaraderie. And then, behold the magic of my live caricatures! Not mere portraits, mind, but essences more like the subjects than they themselves are! Faces contorted, wigs askew, and laughter erupting like champagne corks. It’s enough to blow their wigs off—and mine too!

To hire party entertainment for adults is very similar to kid's parties, since at adult parties guests often unleash their inner child with the fervour of a squirrel discovering a hidden stash of acorns, and behave far more childishly than children! Not a bad thing, as kids adore cartoons, and as Picasso said, "Every child is an artist".

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Sky duo
Boat Chap

Guests enjoy delivering their 'verdicts' on my party caricatures (I don't mind! *he says*). They congratulate each other when they've come out well, patting each other’s backs like conspirators in a delightful secret - yet they also lovingly tease one another about their quirks, which paradoxically brings them that much closer together.

Company dinner party entertainment hire in London

The braver souls step forward, volunteering as subjects. Meanwhile, the cautious ones hang back, playing the dual roles of spectators and merciless critics. In no time flat, they’re clutching quirky, one-of-a-kind souvenirs - cartoon portraits that immortalise their very essence, freeze-framed in time and space and ready to be used as dartboards!


"A party without cake is just a meeting."
Mr Sketchum


For a quote or if you have any questions, email or use the enquiry form below and I'll get right back to you, and of course you're welcome to ring up. If you've missed it, please check my booking info here

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"The office Christmas party is a fantastic opportunity to catch up with people you haven't seen in twenty minutes."
Mrs B, Essex

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