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"Not bad! You should think about doing it for a living!!"

Johnny Ball (genial mathematical showman & TV icon)

Here are my hire rates. All I ask is a chance to prove money can't make me happy. I'm practically the only caricaturist for hire in the UK to have their fees up on their own site, I don't know why - I find this way reassuringly straightforward.

Made-up "From: £..." fees on agency "starting-price-comparison" websites are generally pitched lower than the going rate so as to steer you towards the numerous random novices & fruitcakes that inhabit them - it's a hit-or-miss business.

Genuine upfront prices along with plenty of examples of on-the-spot sketches on this website made by the truly charming, modest caricaturist in question (me) mean you can trust that what you see here is exactly what you get.

I'm based in Dalston ("Dullston") & use public transport. Venues in central London or near me go free, if not I'll need to add something reasonable for travel - if so I'll clearly point it out when I quote.

Choose wisely! Go by the live artwork, and I'd say try to get an idea of what the person you book is like - there's a social aspect to what I do of course - or you risk ending up with a Muppet!




Two hours:

Three hours:

Four hours:

Five hours:

Six hours:

Seven hours:




> There's no VAT on top.

> Preprinting your graphics/logos and/or a message adds £50.

> I'm often most in demand just as I have to leave. Provided I haven't got previous commitments, for £50 per half-hour I can usually stay on.

Drinks, dinner or wedding bookings last anywhere from two to five hours, although many corporate & public events can carry on all day, which is absolutely fine by me, I can go on forever.

According to the 'time-money ratio' thing, the longer I'm hired for the better the deal it works out at for clients.

I sketch on thick A4 paper, and always give the sketches to guests in splash-proof plastic folders.

I can preprint your branding/graphics and/or any message onto the paper, providing a design proof for you to check before I go to print, making sure it'll look exactly as you want it to.

Couples & close-knit groups often naturally adore being immortalised together - as long as I'm not going to be tied up too long with one set of guests, I'm pleased to be able to oblige.

Fees are payable on or a few days before the day of performance (although some corporate clients' terms may vary), by bank transfer, BACS, cheque, cash or PayPal (works with Am Ex).

When we've covered the main points I'll email my booking form along with an invoice to you. Once its been completed, returned and acknowledged, you've secured my services.

All that's then left to do is hold tight until a week or so before the event when we can contact each other to check things are on track - and we're all set to go!


For a quote or if you have any questions, please email or use the enquiry form below, and of course you're welcome to phone.


Fluent French & German spoken

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