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"Do you, couplet of singletons, hire this caricaturist to provide original wedding party entertainment, by sketching unique caricatures of your nearest and dearest, 'till the end of the booking do you part?

QC Wedding
Mandy A 2
wedding party entertainment 1.jpg
Royal Horseguards Wedding

I can start during drinks (straight after the wedding ceremony if there has been one). At this point the bride & groom are sometimes away busy with photos, and I can help prevent a 'lull' occurring.

wedding caricatures london 1a.jpg
wedding party entertainment in Mayfair, London

The wedding entertainment continues during the meal, when I discretely sketch table-to-table. It prompts laughter - the greatest icebreaker of all - and gets conversations going at dining tables which might otherwise be hushed.

Black Watch
Crazy Mum in Law
Dick's Chateau
Brighton Wedding Girl
Great Grandad
Central London wedding entertainment
Wedding party entertainment in Brighton

For a quote or if you have any questions, please email or use my enquiry form below, and of course you're welcome to telephone.

Alfie Deliss
Alfie Deliss

There's a TV show called "Escape to the Château" (it's been on Channel 4 for years). I got hired to sketch at a lovely wedding held at the eponymous bijou castle of the genial Dick Strawbridge (see above) and lovely Angel Adorée in northwest France, and to go with the French theme, kitted myself out in my ensemble ouvrier chic (snappy french worker outfit).

Wedding party entertainment fun in Mayfair, central London

Once the set pieces have run their course and the guests let their hair down, I'm high demand - and the funnier I can make the sketches the better.

Wedding entertainment hire in central London
Kent wedding party entertainment hire fun

You do?! Wow! Then please hire Mr Sketchum, and I promise to pronounce you wonderfully-wedded doubletons and wicked wedding caricaturist!

Over 24 years I've managed to purvey wedding entertainment to over 1000 receptions, mainly near me in London but also all over the UK from Essex to Kent, Herts to Hants and Bucks to Timbuktu (& baktu the start). Here's how things often go:


Thanks for sending! I'll be in touch :)


Entertainment hire was obviously hit hard by the bug but I can still sketch. As unique, funny & unexpected wedding entertainment ideas go, to hire a caricaturist is very much still an inspired one. Please see my old Covid updates here.

"Two aerials met on a roof, fell in love and got married. The ceremony wasn't much, but the reception was excellent."

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