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"Do you, couplet of singletons, hire this caricaturist to provide confetti-tastic wedding reception entertainment by sketching priceless caricatures of your nearest and dearest, 'till the end of the booking do you part? You do? I now pronounce you wonderfully-wedded doubletons and whizzo wedding caricaturist."


Wedding party entertainment is a piece of cake - although they occasionally end in tiers. Sketching lots of portraits is easy since relatives look the same. Joinkg aside, every one of the faces I draw is unique, and family members know each other so well they always like it when I've teased the authentic characters out from behind their fancy fascinators & wonky floral buttonholes.

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After having being hired to provide wedding entertainment at over a thousand receptions over 22 years, mainly near me in London but also all over the UK, here's how it often goes:

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I start sketching during drinks straight after the wedding ceremony (if there has been one). At this point the bride & groom are sometimes away busy with photos, and I can help prevent a sense of a 'lull' occurring.

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Wedding party entertainment in London
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The wedding entertainment usually continues during the meal, when I discretely sketch table-to-table. It prompts laughter - the greatest icebreaker of all - and gets conversations going at dining tables which would otherwise be hushed.

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The wedding couple can have their sketch done when they like, and I can also ensure certain family members/guests are sketched, or concentrate on the top table - just point me in the right direction.

Once the set pieces have run their course, the atmosphere usually becomes 'jolly', and I'm in high demand with guests getting a jolly good laugh out of the sketches (and me).

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Wedding entertainment hire has obviously been hit hard by the coronavirus - but I can still sketch. As unexpected wedding party entertainment ideas go, to hire a caricature artist for wedding entertainment is very much still an original and inspired one! Please see my Covid update here.

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