caricature of a child at a wedding
Corporate dinner guest caricature in London

Guests get in on the act as the heroic subjects, cheeky kibbitzers, sardonic commentators, and as gleeful witnesses to the spectacle of eye-popping likenesses coming to life, and in no time flat they're handed original artwork unique to them and that moment - which everyone helped to make happen.


Some of the situations I end up in border on the surreal. Voilà Monsieur Sketchum (below) at his most-loved booking of 2018 (thanks Ian & Anna :). I dress smartly to events, but got the okay to kit myself out appropriately in my ensemble paysan (french peasant outfit) for the occasion - a wedding at an bewitching castle hosted by the charming Dick Strawbridge & his enchanting muse (that's french for missus) and Cockney Queen of the Cupcakes, Angel Adorée in France - truly an Escape to the Château.


Staggeringly, over the past twenty-one years I've been hired to provide entertainment with these caricatures at a staggering over 2500 private & business events of all descriptions right across Old Blighty & beyond - I'm no stranger to county-to-county...staggering.


Birthday Bashes


Networking Receptions

Weddings & Anniversaries


Office & Home Visits

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Leaving Celebrations (!)


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Ican draw guests seated "stall format" - at a safe two-metre distance - and conditions permitting, mix'n'mingle during drinks as well as sketch table-to-table during dinners, also from two steps away. I adapt to virtually any setting - all I need is a a smile (I can work with fake). As long as guests are up for a little fun and I'm lucky enough to be given the opportunity to foster a cheerful atmosphere, any setting does the trick just fine.

factory staff caricature in hampshire

At around the same time, I was briefed to kit myself out as a "Belgian east London hipster caricature artist" (! it was on with the everyday Shoreditch garçon gear again!) to be filmed for a section of an insanely madcap TV ad where I adopt a Belgian (French) accent while predicting World Cup footie fixture results (eh?!), while simultaneously sketching Paul Gascoigne - the one-and-only Gazza - on top of a moving double-decker bus!!

wedding party caricatures by caricaturist mr sketchum.jpg

Guests like to deliver their "verdicts" on the sketches (I don't mind! *he says*), and congratulating themselves when they've come out well, yet groups also take great pleasure in affectionately ribbing one-another over each other's peculiarities which, perhaps idiosyncratically, allows them get on even better with each other.


If you have any questions or would like a quote, please email or use the enquiry form below, and I'll come back to you by email - or of course you can simply pick up the phone.


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