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Greetings! I'm the London caricaturist & entertainer known as Mr Sketchum - but please call me Alfie. I provide party, wedding & corporate event entertainment by sketching on-the-spot party caricatures that are fast, funny, frequently flattering and fabulously free.

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You know that TV show "Escape to the Château"? It's been on Channel 4 for donkey's years. I attended a wedding at the bijou castle of the genial Dick Strawbridge & the enchanting Angela Adorée in northwest France & got the okay to kit myself out in my snappy ensemble ouvrier (french worker get-up) - see below.

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Staggeringly, over 22 years of being a full-time caricaturist I've supplied private party, wedding & corporate entertainment at thousands of events, many near me in central London, but also UK-wide & even abroad. "Have pens will travel" and I'm no stranger to county-to-county...staggering.

I provide walkabout entertainment, for example 'mixing'n'mingling' during drinks receptions and winding my way around dining tables. Sometimes it's best to work stationary, with guests coming to sit for me in singles, couples and groups. I adapt, and any situation where I'm given the opportunity to do entertaining sketches and foster a good atmosphere does the job.

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Alfie Deliss
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Alfie Deliss
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Soon after I was briefed to dress as a "hip bohemian Belgian east London caricature artist" (so it was back on with the Shoreditch garçon gear) for a TV ad where I was on top of a double-decker bus sketching a hyperactive Paul Gascoigne (Gazza) whilst ad-libbing predictions on World Cup football results (?!) in a 'Belgian' (French ha) accent.

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For a quote or if you have any questions, please fill in the form below and I’ll get back to you as fast as possible (usually very quickly), and of course you're welcome to email or telephone. If you require short notice or last-minute corporate event, wedding or party entertainment hire, my crayons are always at the ready.


Thanks for sending! I'll be in touch :)

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People have fun delivering their 'verdicts' on my party caricatures (I don't mind! *he says*), and close-knit groups always congratulate each other when they've come out well - yet they love to affectionately rib one-another over each other's unique peculiarities - which miraculously brings them closer together!

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Up to twenty sketches p/h

Established 1999

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To ridiculous from sublime

And back again

More you than you!

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Guests gets in on the act as the plucky subjects, comic commentators and spectators of the likenesses emerging, and in no time flat they're clutching souvenirs of the event that are unique to them in that moment - and which can then be used later as dartboards.

Party, wedding & corporate event entertainment hire has obviously been hugely affected by the bug, but I can still scribble!
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