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Greetings! I'm Mr Sketchum, the caricaturist & entertainer for hire. My ordinary name is Alfie Deliss - but you can call me Mr Sketchum! Based in London, I sketch unique and often hilarious FREE caricatures at events - it's not quite your standard (boring)  corporate event , wedding or party entertainment fodder. I also get commissioned to sketch individual & group caricatures and portraits from photos - if this may be of interest please click here.

Masquerade Ball guests enjoying the party entertainment in London
Corporate dinner guest caricature in London
caricature of a child at a wedding

Guests 'get in on the act' as the heroic subjects, cheeky kibbitzers & sardonic commentators, and as gleeful witnesses to the spectacle of eye-popping likenesses coming to life, and in no time flat they're handed original artwork unique to them and that moment - which everyone helped to make happen.


Staggeringly, over the past twenty-one years I've been hired to provide party entertainment at a staggering over 2500 events, many in central London & but also right across the length & breadth of Old Blighty - I'm no stranger to county-to-county...staggering.


Some of the situations I find myself in border on surreal! Voilà Monsieur Sketchum below. I dress smartly to events, but got the okay (thanks Ian & Anna!) to kit myself out in my ensemble paysan (french peasant outfit) for this occasion - a wedding at the famous bijou castle owned by the charming Dick Strawbridge & his utterly enchanting muse (that's french for missus) Angel Adorée in northwest France - truly an Escape to the Château!


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I can work seated (I've heard it called "stall format" and "static"), with the guests coming to sit for me in ones, couples and groups, or on the move ("roving", "roaming", "walkabout", "mix'n'mingling"), for example during drinks, and winding my way around the tables during dinners (known as "table entertainment", "table-hopping"). In any case I can always adapt to each situation - any setting is fine with me as long as guests are up for a smile and I get the opportunity to foster a warm & positive atmosphere.

factory staff caricature in hampshire

Around the same time, I was briefed to kit myself out (it was on with the everyday Shoreditch garçon gear again - see below) as a "hip bohemian Belgian east London caricature artist" (!) to be filmed for a section of a frankly bonkers TV ad where I was instructed adopt a 'Belgian' (French in my case) accent while predicting the results of upcoming World Cup footie fixtures (eh?!) in a filmed interview situation, while simultaneously attempting to sketch a hyperactive Paul Gascoigne - the one-and-only Gazza - and haring it around central London on top of a bloomin' double-decker bus!!

wedding party caricatures by caricaturist mr sketchum.jpg

Guests enjoy delivering their "verdicts" on the sketches (I don't mind! *he says*), and love congratulating themselves when they've come out well, yet groups also take great pleasure in affectionately ribbing one-another over each other's peculiarities which, perhaps idiosyncratically, allows them all to get on even better.


For a quote or if you have any questions, please email or use the enquiry form below - and of course you're welcome to simply telephone.

london party entertainment caricature

Entertainment at functions and events, especially Christmas & New Years Eve 2020 parties is obviously hugely affected by the coronavirus - but I can still sketch! Please see my Covid update here

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