Things have become so topsy-turvy I can't imagine how tricky planning a social gathering must be.

Monday 7th December 2020

By the looks of things it won't be for a couple of months that the various vaccines will be "rolled out", then it'll be a few more months until mass immunisation comes into effect and people can group together properly...after that I'm expecting a big resurgence in entertainment. In the meanwhile I can still provide top-notch small party, corporate event & wedding entertainment, as well as do portraits & caricatures from photos.

Friday 13th November 2020

The past seven months of doom & gloom have almost prevented me from processing the past couple of days' positive news, but...we've got a vaccine!!

Obviously it hasn't passed all of the required safety trials, and when events & society in general might "get the go-ahead" is still up in the air of course, but hey.


If you've had to downsize to a small party, it'll actually work in our favour. For close friends, family & colleagues, my sketches work so well due to the 'interpersonal interaction' (nods, smiles and giggles) they stimulate. At these more intimate gatherings, small party or wedding entertainment can make a huge difference to the guests' enjoyment of the event. As party ideas during Covid go, booking me is an inspired one!

Sketching seated or standing at a distance of a couple of steps - certainly more that just one metre - from my subjects, is ideal for me. I can of course work "static", with guests coming to sit for me one-by-one, couple-by-couple, or group-by-group - I only need a few judiciously-positioned chairs.

I know it won't come to it - but (you never know): I can draw masked guests! I've worked at so many masked/Venetian/masquerade balls I've totally forgotten what a face looks like! Please see masked (ball) examples below and you can find more here. But, I hear you say, those masks cover the eyes, not the nose & mouth! - yet it's the same principle - I just focus on the eyes instead of the nose & mouth!

I don't mind wearing a mask myself, in fact I like the idea of having a touch of mystique about me.

Whatever happens - THE SHOW MUST GO WRO..oops..ON! Stay safe!

I'm here to help with any questions or ideas you may have. If you aren't sure of everything (or anything) at your end, get in touch anyway and we can go over the basics, and if you like I can pencil your date (if you have one yet) in & let you know if anyone else makes an enquiry for it.

Portrait sketch of Sir Captain Tom - Click to enlarge

Capt Tom Sketch 1 sml.jpg