Weddings are my favourite event to work at. Family members look like one another, and they all know each other so well they love how I bring the real characters out from behind their fabulous fascinators & fancy floral boutonnières.

They all tend to run a bit late, but every wedding is unique. After having provided entertainment at well over a thousand of them over twenty-one years, this is how I often work ~


After the ceremony (if there has been one) I start sketching during drinks - at this point the bride & groom are often away busy with photos, and I can help prevent a "lull" occurring.

I lend a fun factor to the wedding breakfast by sketching table-to-table, handing the results out as I go. The guests love it - it can get tables roaring with laughter when they otherwise might have nothing but the mundane pleasure of eating, while stuck sat next to someone boring...

If there are speeches I tend to take a break, but sometimes I can discretely do particularly candid sketches. Once the "formalities" are over and the atmosphere becomes jolly I'm in high demand as guests realise they can get a good laugh out of me.

The wedding couple can have theirs done at any convenient point for them, and I can also ensure certain family members/guests of their choice get theirs done, or concentrate on the top table - just point me in the right direction.


"Mr Sketchum came to sketch at our wedding. He got along with everyone so well that some of our guests thought that he was a friend of ours!"
John & Sue, Chelmsford

Be it a lavish extravaganza or a more intimate celebration, if you're looking for incomparable entertainment for your wedding (cheesy line coming up!) ~ "Mr Sketchum brings special smiles to your special day!" (told you)


For a quote or if you have any questions, please email or use the enquiry form below, and of course you're welcome to ring up.

"Two aerials met on a roof, fell in love and got married. The ceremony wasn't much, but the reception was excellent."

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