"Corporate caricature artist" is a good enough job description, but by providing a service that helps my clients create events which simultaneously entertain as well as promote interest in what they have to offer, whilst (incredibly) also reflecting well on their companies, it might be better put to say I perform as a "mood-enhancing omnifunctional portrait-o-matic human marketing device".


At trade expos/shows I represent a unique way of generating potential leads - I don't just lurk at the stand hoping for footfall, but instead actively seek out and entice receptive attendees back with me to where you are to be sketched, delivering a smiling captive audience to your team.

"We had great feedback on the biro sketches, and I used the photos in my analysis of the trade show when I presented it to our senior management, and they seemed pretty impressed!"
Ian, Bic Graphic Europe

To mark the occasion, distinguish a brand, convey the ethos of a campaign, or simply to add your stylish touch, I can preprint your graphics and/or a message of your choice on my paper, and to make sure it's done just right, I put a proof together for clients to check prior to printing.


"You did amazingly - we definitely made the right choice. It just makes it all worthwhile when everyone leaves happy! :0)"

Tahira, RA Accountants

For a quote or if you have any questions, please email or use the enquiry form below, and of course you're welcome to ring up.


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